Research has found that approximately 36% of adults are scared of going to the dentist. Of these people, around 12% were reported to be suffering from extreme dental anxiety. This is otherwise known as dentophobia and can make even the mere thought of attending regular dental treatments too much to bear.

At Aurora Dental, we are proud of our reputation of being the best dentist for nervous patients in Wiltshire. All of our staff are highly trained in how to recognise the signs of anxiety and are fully committed to ensuring that all appointments take place in relaxing, stress-free environments.

How Do We Help Nervous Patients?

We get it. For some people, visiting the dentist is never going to be at the top of the list. However, as we pride ourselves on being a dentist for nervous patients, we are passionate about making both routine and specialist treatment as comfortable as possible. This is achieved in a variety of ways, including:

  • Taking the time to listen to your goals and concerns before recommending the best course of action for you
  • Offering early-morning and longer appointments
  • Encouraging the use of self-hypnosis techniques
  • Allowing you to listen to your own music during treatment
  • The provision of local anaesthetic
  • Offering sedation

Sedation For Nervous Patients

As a dentist for nervous patients, we offer the option of sedation for those who don’t feel they will be able to undergo treatment without it. Sedatives will be delivered intravenously and their effects may vary from patient to patient. Unlike general anaesthetic, the role of IV sedation is not to put you into an unconscious state. You should still be able to respond to certain commands or gestures, without being fully aware of what is happening or experiencing any anxiety.

For the most part, sedation is only advised in extreme cases and we will do our best to help you through your appointments without it.

The Best Dentist For Nervous Patients In Wiltshire

In addition to the techniques listed above, we strive to minimise anxiety by always focusing on open patient-clinic communication. We can be contacted by phone, email or WhatsApp at any time, and you will be provided with all of the key information you need prior to attending an appointment. Your assigned treatment coordinator will stay by your side at every stage and will always be on hand to discuss any concerns or anxieties you may have.

Being a dentist for nervous patients also means that we offer complimentary virtual consultations to all of those interested in our services. If this goes well, we will then book you in for an in-clinic appointment and join you on your journey towards a lifetime of smiles.

To find out more about our five-star dental care for nervous patients, visit our website today.

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