You know the drill by now. Keeping your intake of sugary snacks to a minimum and brushing and flossing twice a day is the best course of action for maintaining a healthy mouth. But what if you’ve been neglecting your teeth and you’re too nervous to get booked in for treatment? Aurora is a highly regarded dentist for anxious patients and will work with you to manage both common dental problems and more serious issues such as cavities and gum disease

What Happens If You Don’t Look After Your Teeth? 

On the face of it, following good oral hygiene practices is fairly easy. After all – what’s five minutes out of your day in the morning and in the evening? Yet, for some people, the act of maintaining their teeth to a high level can be a lot to deal with.

It’s estimated that 15-20% of people aged between 35-44 have severe gum disease, with poor dietary choices and the avoidance of regular brushing and flossing all having a sizeable impact on these statistics. 

Other problems that can make themselves known as a result of poor hygiene practices include cavities, sensitive teeth, periodontitis and oral cancer. 

Nervous Patients May Struggle To Find Resolutions 

If the lifestyle choices you’ve made have led to problems with your teeth, you may find yourself in need of dental treatment. Unfortunately, if you don’t feel comfortable booking in for an oral health assessment, this will be a difficult undertaking. 

Aurora Dental is the best dentist for anxious patients in Wiltshire. Our four state-of-the-art clinics are home to a number of experienced dental professionals who are passionate about providing high-quality general and cosmetic treatments to people from all across the county. 

As a multi-award winning dental group, we have been constantly recognised for the provisions we make to help patients feel safe, happy and comfortable at all times. These include, but are not limited to, holding comprehensive pre-treatment consultations, offering sedation to aid relaxation, creating a calming, friendly atmosphere during treatment and personalising each and every treatment journey. 

We regularly receive positive feedback for the role our clinics have played in restoring our patients’ oral health and couldn’t be prouder of our reputation as the premier dentist for anxious patients in Wiltshire and the surrounding areas. 

A Dentist For Anxious Patients 

Regardless of why you may be in need of dental treatment, when you choose Aurora, our caring and super-friendly team will put you at ease from the moment you step into one of our four clinics. Explore what we can do for you by visiting our website today. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our latest updates.

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