With half of Britons unhappy with their teeth, many of us seek solutions to discoloured, crooked or damaged smiles. At Aurora Dental & Implant Clinics, we offer a wide range of modern dental solutions to bring back the sparkle to your smile, including teeth veneers. Teeth veneers are an effective solution to improve the shape, size and colour pattern of your teeth. Read on to learn more about them.

What Are Teeth Veneers?

Teeth veneers are mainly used for cosmetic purposes, improving the overall look of your teeth and usually concentrating on the teeth at the front of your mouth. They have been used for over 50 years but the processes involved have changed quite a lot since then. The first veneers were created by Dr. Pincus, and they were designed to create a temporary ‘Hollywood smile’ for actors. These teeth veneers were removable and couldn’t be worn when eating or sleeping. Modern innovations in the dental field have meant that this is no longer the case; teeth veneers are now a long-term solution and involve using a thin shell of ceramic, or resin, bonded to the front of the teeth, creating incredible strength and a beautiful, gleaming smile.


When Would A Veneer Be Used And How Long Do They Last?

Teeth veneers are adaptable and can be used to repair a broken or chipped tooth, change the shape of a tooth, improve tooth structure (making teeth look straighter and improving alignment) or change the colour of the teeth.

Discolouration is a very common concern and does not necessarily indicate poor dental hygiene. You may suffer from discolouration due to tobacco use or as a result of certain medications. Whatever the cause, teeth veneers can be used to improve the colour of your teeth, which can boost confidence and help you enjoy your smile again.

Modern teeth veneers are permanent and, with good maintenance, can last ten to fifteen years. You look after your veneers in the same way you would look after your natural teeth – by brushing twice a day with a soft, or medium toothbrush and by ensuring you floss daily! The only difference is you should not use an abrasive toothpaste with teeth veneers, as this can damage the surface of your new smile.


Why Should I Opt For Veneers From Aurora Dental?

If you feel self-conscious about your smile in any way then teeth veneers could be a great option for you! A set of veneers can cover embarrassing imperfections or damage that has happened due to accidents or time. Teeth veneers also provide reinforcement for teeth, improving their strength in the long run.

If teeth veneers sound like the perfect option for you, then book a consultation with our knowledgeable team to advise you on the type of veneer that is best for your teeth. For more information regarding our treatments contact us here.

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