Sustainable Dentistry


Recognising that some may not be ready to embrace eco-friendly dental care. That’s why we have started The Philips Dental Care Free Recycling Programme

Patients are encouraged to bring used dental products like plastic toothbrushes, electric toothbrush heads, and floss containers for proper disposal and recycling. This helps to redirect plastic from landfills and encourage responsible waste management.

We actively participate in recycling programs such as PodBack for coffee pods and Cartridge People for ink cartridges. We also participate in Terracycle’s initiative for dental products. By recycling and responsibly disposing of single-use items, we contribute to sustainable waste management, reducing e-waste and landfill pollution.

Our commitment to incorporating these initiatives into our daily operations reflects our dedication to minimising environmental impact. Thank you for joining us in building a greener, more sustainable future.

Paperless Offices:

As we embrace the digital age, our office has shifted to a paperless environment. Electronic health records and digital patient forms have replaced traditional paperwork, effectively cutting down on our paper consumption and environmental footprint. You can now conveniently access your medical records, treatment plans, and invoices online, ensuring both ease of access and sustainability.