The Best Dentists In Wiltshire

We really don’t make much of a secret about how proud we are of our three dental practices. After all, why should we? Based in Swindon, Corsham and Chippenham, our Wiltshire clinics aren’t just easy to get to, they’re also our pride and joy.

If you’re not one of our patients already, you’re missing out on some of our amazing benefits! To name but a few, there’s our membership plans, our superior services (especially when it comes to dental implants) and our aesthetics treatments too. There’s also a lot more to Aurora, but only our patients have complete access to everything we have to offer.

What Makes Us The Best Dental Practice in Wiltshire?

Here at Aurora, we pride ourselves on the quality of our results and on providing service with a smile. Apart from being a group of highly talented and qualified individuals, our people skills are pretty great as well. But the proof is in the pudding, right? Adults and children across Wiltshire who used to dread visits to the dentist have passed through our doors and left with smiles on their faces, many of whom thought they would never see the day! We think that’s the mark of a true professional: having the ability to put even the most nervous patients at ease.

When it comes to your teeth, we don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. That’s why we create bespoke treatment plans that are tailored to every patient’s individual needs.

Those who are signed up to one of our membership plans will even get to save 10% on their routine treatments. Our bespoke memberships were introduced because our patients deserve to have one less thing to worry about. We know just as well as you do that life is stressful, and sometimes a helping hand makes all the difference.

When you become one of our members, you’ll have an initial consultation to determine how many dental health reviews you’ll need a year. And once we’ve settled on a number, you’ll be good to go. If any other members of your family are signing up too, they’ll receive the very same consultation, even the little ones.

We can’t stress enough that good oral hygiene needs to be cultivated in childhood. By teaching your child about keeping their teeth clean, they’ll understand the importance not only of brushing their teeth but of visiting the dentist too.

A Little Bit About Us

We were founded by Carl and Lesley Lazzari. If you haven’t already met our very own dynamic duo, we’re sure you will when you next visit one of our Wiltshire-based practices. Carl is an Implantologist who loves nothing more than restoring smiles, either with dental implants or retained dentures, listening to Bruce Springsteen and spending time with his family.

Speaking of his family, Carl’s wife, Lesley, is an experienced dentist who no longer practices but still puts her talents to good use. These days, she uses her boundless expertise and passion to work behind the scenes at Aurora. With her help, we’ve gone from strength to strength.

That’s not all. If you book into our Corsham branch for an aesthetics consultation or treatment, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting Francine Fletcher. She joined us in September 2019 and even back then, she was qualified to carry out wrinkle correction and dermal filler treatments.

If you have any queries about these procedures, Francine will be able to answer your questions and help you to take the first step on the road towards looking and feeling your best.

Get In Touch

There are so many other reasons why we think we’re the best dentists in Wilshire but we’d much rather you get the chance to see us in action for yourselves! To register, all you need to do is contact our nearest clinic.

You can do this by filling out this contact form or getting in touch with your nearest clinic:

Chippenham – 01249 847270, chippenham@auroradentalclinic.co.uk
Swindon – 01793 873044, swindon@auroradentalclinic.co.uk
Corsham – 01249 715906, corsham@auroradentalclinic.co.uk

You can keep up with the latest news from Aurora Dental and Implant Clinics by following us on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned on Tuesdays for one of our favourite types of posts. Testimonial Tuesdays highlight our fantastic patient reviews, and you won’t want to miss them, especially if you’re yet to sign up.

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