Did you know that 40% of British people are said to be unhappy with the appearance of their teeth? 

Whether these concerns are centred around discoloration, damage, unevenness or sensitivity, there’s always a suitable dental treatment to correct these imperfections. At Aurora Dental, many of our patients find that they benefit from dental implants, a procedure for which we provide two possible options. 

Explore the different types of dental implants we offer below. 

Single Dental Implants 

A dental implant is a screw that can be placed into your jawbone to provide a foundation for replacement teeth. The most common of these types of dental implants are single dental implants, so named because they are used to replace a single missing tooth. 

After your implant has been secured, you must wait for it to heal. This takes around 3-4 months. Once the healing process is complete, a crown will be fitted to your implant and will be made to resemble the appearance of your existing teeth. 

With the proper care, these types of dental implants can last for ten years or more. They will remain inconspicuous too, as long as you continue to look after them as instructed. 

Implant Retained Dentures 

If you are missing more than one tooth in a dental arch (the top or bottom set of teeth), implant retained dentures will be your most suitable treatment option. Unlike single dental implants, implant retained dentures require at least four screws to be placed into your jawbone. These screws provide structural support for your dentures and will allow you to smile with confidence. 

These types of dental implants are also a fantastic alternative to traditional dentures. Patients who have these fitted are able to avoid mishaps when eating or talking and go about their lives with much more freedom. 

Which Of The Types Of Dental Implants Is Best For You? 

Our co-founder and Implantologist, Dr Carl Lazzari, has several years of experience in placing dental implants and will draw on his knowledge and expertise in this area of treatment when you book in for either single implants or implant retained dentures. 

For the time being, dental implant consultations with Dr Lazzari are completely free of charge. Are you interested in exploring which of the types of dental implants can improve your smile and boost your confidence? 

Book in with us today! 


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