Enhance your smile with Airflow® Tooth Polishing, a revolutionary, non-invasive dental treatment.

This straightforward procedure is an innovative way to make your smile sparkle brighter than ever before. Airflow® expertly polishes your teeth, eliminating plaque and staining to achieve a whiter brighter smile without causing any damage. 

How does Airflow® Tooth Polishing work?

Airflow® Tooth Polishing is entirely non-invasive and applies controlled jets of water to the teeth in tandem with a concentrated flow of air and a very fine powder. Airflow® gently removes staining and plaque from around the teeth, effectively cleaning and brightening the appearance of your smile in a comfortable, pain-free way. 

Does Airflow® Tooth Polishing hurt?

No, patients seldom report much discomfort from Airflow® Tooth Polishing. This procedure has been specifically designed to be gentle on your teeth and gums and is even suitable for those with sensitive teeth. 

The  jets of air and warm water used in this treatment are carefully controlled by your practitioner to minimise discomfort both during and after the procedure. In fact, this procedure proceeds so often without incident that many patients prefer it to more conventional cleaning methods such as a scale and polish. 

Will Airflow® Tooth Polishing damage my teeth?

No. As a non-invasive treatment, Airflow® Tooth Polishing is completely safe and will be delivered by a highly-skilled dental hygienist. All of our staff have been trained in the delivery of Airflow® Tooth Polishing procedures and draw on their many years of experience to leave all of our patients feeling fully satisfied. 

Who can benefit from Airflow® Tooth Polishing?

Anyone looking to improve their smile can benefit from Airflow® Tooth Polishing, with many patients opting for this procedure as an alternative to a traditional scale and polish. Airflow® is ideal for removing debris from those hard-to-reach places in your mouth. Its gentle nature also makes it suitable for those with braces or dental restoration work such as crowns.

As well as prioritising patient comfort, Airflow® Tooth Polishing is also ideal for use before any scheduled orthodontic treatment. This is due to its ability to remove endotoxins and bacteria from the surface of the teeth.

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