Oral health is primarily maintained through good dental hygiene practices.

Establishing a daily dental hygiene routine helps to keep your mouth healthy and will support the professional care provided by a qualified hygienist. 

Why is dental hygiene important?

Here at Aurora Dental and Implant Clinics, we believe dental hygiene to be the cornerstone of oral health. A good dental hygiene routine will keep your teeth and mouth clean, helping to minimise plaque and reduce the risk of developing gum disease (gingivitis).

What does good dental hygiene look like?

A good dental hygiene routine is something that should be instilled in us at an early age, but not everybody will have kept this up into adulthood. To make things easier, let us describe what optimal dental hygiene should look like. 

First, you should make sure you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, before flossing to remove any bits of food or debris not captured by your toothbrush. You should also make an effort to avoid sugar, smoking and alcohol. These things can erode, stain or lead to tooth decay respectively. 

Good dental hygiene practices should be passed on to your children and should begin as soon as their first milk teeth arrive. We also offer dental care for children across all three of our clinics. 

Is visiting a dental hygienist necessary?

While a personal dental hygiene routine is essential to maintaining oral health, regular visits to a qualified hygienist are also important to keep things ticking over. A hygienist will monitor your oral health, conducting in-depth examinations of your mouth and teeth to check for gingivitis and any other significant changes. In addition to expertly cleaning your teeth, a hygienist can also offer advice on how to improve your personal hygiene practices at home. 

How often should I aim to visit the dental hygienist?

We recommend visiting the hygienist approximately every six months. This will allow for early detection of any oral health problems, keeping your mouth and teeth in the very best condition.

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