At Aurora Dental and Implant Clinic, we understand that dental appointments can be a source of nerves and anxiety for some.

At each of our clinics, our dental professionals strive to deliver excellent care in a calm and welcoming environment. We work hard to make sure all patients are as relaxed as possible throughout their visit.

I’m nervous about my dental appointment – what can I expect?

You will be warmly welcomed into a tranquil reception area at each of our clinics. When your dentist is ready for you, you’ll be led through to your consultation where any questions you may have will be kindly answered to put you at ease.

Are there any special allowances for nervous patients?

All of our dental professionals communicate with empathy and kindness, showing nervous patients extra compassion throughout their visit. If you are especially anxious prior to or during an appointment, our team will happily discuss your concerns to reassure you.

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