Are you looking for an effective way to strengthen teeth and improve the appearance of your smile?

Veneers could be the answer. Capping teeth with a fine layer of porcelain, veneers are a quick way to bring a stunning sparkle to your smile.

What are veneers made from?

Veneers are usually made from porcelain or a robust resin (composite veneers). They are bonded to the front of the teeth to improve both strength and appearance, swiftly brightening your smile and covering any imperfections.

Porcelain veneers tend to be pricier, but this is reflected in their quality and the length of time that they last (between 10 and 15 years). They are also the most natural-looking type of veneer.

Why should I opt for veneers?

If you’re self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, then veneers could be for you. Veneers can cover a number of imperfections including stains, discolouration, chipping and gaps. In addition to creating a brighter and more uniform smile, veneers also provide reinforcement for teeth, improving their strength.

What is the process for getting veneers?

As with any dental procedure, you will first require a consultation with your dentist to assess your suitability for the treatment. Your dentist will then advise on the type of veneer that is best for your teeth (porcelain or composite).

For porcelain veneers, your teeth will first need to be prepared, with the veneers then fitted during a follow-up appointment. Composite veneers can be fitted in a single session.

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