Discolouration, cracks, chips and gaps can all undercut our self-confidence. At Aurora Dental and Implant Clinics, we want everyone to be able to smile at themselves in the mirror, which is why we offer an extensive list of cosmetic services, from teeth-whitening to tailor-made smile makeovers. However, two treatments stand out in cosmetic dentistry. Veneers and composite bonding are two established and extremely effective treatments which conceal imperfections, from extensive discolouration to a single chipped tooth. 

Despite their popularity, people often don’t appreciate the distinction between the two. By breaking down the differences between veneers and composite bonding, we hope to help you in your quest for the best cosmetic treatment for your smile!

Introducing Veneers, A Star Of Cosmetic Dentistry

This treatment has been a superstar of cosmetic dentistry for decades. Patients afflicted by gaps and multiple imperfections have gained flawless smiles by having porcelain or resin bonded to the front of their teeth, improving their appearance for years! As well as improving size, shape and colour, they provide weak teeth with extra strength which allows the patient to enjoy all their favourite foods. 

Two types of veneer exist; porcelain and composite resin. Porcelain is stronger and stain-resistant, making it a very sensible long-term investment, but it also requires enamel to be removed in order to create a better surface for the veneers to adhere to. This is no obstacle for composite veneers, which perform the same function as their porcelain equivalents.

Composite Bonding, Perfect For Smaller Surfaces

Composite veneers confuse the distinction somewhat, as they use the same material as composite bonding to achieve a dazzling smile. However, bonding only covers a small surface area, whereas veneers coat the entire tooth. Bonding resin is carefully chosen to match your existing teeth and then sculpted to create a pleasing, natural aesthetic, rendering the transition from enamel to resin invisible. With composite bonding, you can have whiter, more shapely teeth for between three and 10 years, without anybody noticing it’s the result of cosmetic dentistry.

This treatment is straightforward, non-invasive and often very swift, making it a much more suitable and potentially less expensive choice for smaller cosmetic adjustments. However, for multiple issues we recommend investing in veneers, which are stronger and last longer.

Choosing Between The Two

We appreciate that your situation may be more complicated, but there’s no need to worry. We provide you with a consultation with our team of experienced professionals, who will assess your concerns and determine the best course of action. Our team have a knack for making every patient feel relaxed, confident and informed so that even the most nervous of visitors can undergo treatment feeling comfortable. We’re so proud of the experience we provide for every client, from the moment they pick up the phone to talk to us.

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