Invisalign® is an industry-leading orthodontic treatment that can help to straighten your teeth.

Thanks to its almost invisible aligners, Invisalign® is a subtle yet effective way of repositioning teeth and improving your smile without the use of traditional braces.

How does Invisalign® compare to traditional braces?

Traditional braces use fixed metal brackets and wires to straighten teeth over a period of several months. The wires are tightened periodically, which slowly forces the teeth to move over time. In contrast, Invisalign® uses aligners that are incredibly light and completely clear, making them almost impossible to see. Invisalign® allows for comfortable, discreet and effective treatment whilst causing minimal disruption to your life. 

Invisalign® can be used for more than simply straightening teeth too. It treats a number of concerns, including gap teeth, an open bite, some types of overbite and underbite and crossbite issues. If you’re unsure as to whether Invisalign® is right for you, your dentist will be able to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

What are the benefits of Invisalign®?

The main advantage of Invisalign® is its subtlety. Traditional braces have a tendency to stick out like a sore thumb whereas Invisalign® aligners are hardly noticeable. They’re also much lighter than other straightening treatments, making them more comfortable to wear. When you opt for Invisalign®, your aligners will be changed every two weeks, with the entire teeth straightening process taking between 9 and 18 months in total.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, Invisalign® aligners are easy to clean and maintain, so carrying on with your daily activities won’t be an issue at all. 

Do Invisalign® aligners hurt?

Invisalign® has been designed with your comfort in mind. The aligners will apply pressure to your teeth to gradually shift them into the desired place. As a result, you might feel some discomfort but it is likely to be minimal and manageable. On average, you’ll need to wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day, leaving you with plenty of time to take them out to eat and drink.

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